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Rachel  E. Wright is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed insurance producer, volunteer, and philanthropist. 

In the spring of 2017, she opened her company, Rachel Chats, after a successful kidney transplant in July 2016. The obstacles Rachel faced

could not deter her from what life had to offer. Her mission is to share her journey through kidney disease, from disappointment to resilience, 

and to encourage kidney patients and those facing other debilitating illnesses to make their dreams their reality despite their illness.

Rachel explains what being diagnosed with kidney disease in the prime of her life was like, some of the symptoms she 

experienced, and she gives us a peek inside the life of an ambitious woman who doesn't know the meaning of the term "give up."

Rachel has taken a bleak situation and turned it into a way to help others, which is one of the best ways to realize purpose in life. 


Rachel tells her amazing story of being diagnosed with glomerulonephritis at the age of 16. Completing high school and traveling over 900 miles to attend college out of state. The kidney disease progressed and she had to go on kidney dialysis, while out of state. 

Her perseverance, dedication, determination lead to her successes.

Her mother gave her a speech that became her mantra for living. "Your life is not over; you can do the same things you did before your diagnosis. 

Nothing has changed for you." This statement forever changed how she felt about herself, life and kidney disease.

Learn how her mantra could change your life.


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Book release, summer 2018.

Apparel & hat launch, fall 2018.

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